Friday, 24 March 2017

The Monastery of the Benevolent Listeners

Only a few short weeks ago I made a nice new piece of terrain in the form of a fringe-world homestead. I happened to suggest it might also make a suitable Astropathic Monastery.

And then it just so happened that Asslessman was writing a scenario for a game between my friend Graham and myself. "An astropath temple would be cool to have" he says, "your dome/temple with statues and other things around would be grand".

Now I happened to have some statues already that I've used in the odd scenic set-up:

But they hadn't really been properly finished off. Time to sort out the statues and "other things" and turn the homestead into a temple.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Aegis Arising - The Gun-Cutter

I've wanted a small aerial / space transport for a little while. I have a shuttle or two, but I was after something in the vein of the gun-cutter utilised by Inquisitor Eisenhorn in Dan Abnett's excellent novels. Although there are the boxy Thunderhawks, Storm Eagles and all their variants, I didn't want something so recognisable. Similarly, Imperial Guard Valkyries are excellent, but they're clearly not space-worthy. By chance, I mentioned this to a friend. By chance he happened to have access to the Mantic Accuser Interceptor from their recent Warpath Kickstarter (I believe these aren't yet on general release).

Mantic Accuser Interceptor render.

Monday, 6 March 2017

The Alien Delegation Arrives - Space Slann

A pair of officials waited nervously in the disembarkation hall. They ignored the pilgrims, merchants and leisure travellers. They were here to greet a more distinguished visitor. The diplomatic talks with the xenos emissary, Barcoon Krobosh, would profoundly impact on the future prosperity of the Colony.

Newly off the painting table are a trio of aliens which have probably evolved from amphibious ancestors. First up is Barcoon Krobosh, the Amphiran Emissary from Colony 87 miniatures. This wonderful high-ranking alien was sculpted by Michael Anderson and is bedecked with ornaments of office.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Homestead 23 - A New Terrain Set

At some point last year, I found myself driving up to Scotland for work. My route happened to take me past the infamous Graham's Weurkshoppe in Gateshead - a treasure trove of primarily second hand wargaming items. I happened to spy a good-sized dome of polystyrene, four added sizes. It was covered in polyfilla and had been topped with a large turned wooden knob. Clearly it had originally been made as a mosque for a middle-eastern setting. I parted with a small sum of money and took it away, intent on turning it into some suitable for a science fiction setting.
Over the last fortnight, I've been busily adding some details to the base building, as well as adding some painted dirt and grime. The end result is a nice fringe world building I'm calling Homestead 23. I've taken some scenic shots with of Homestead 23 with a range of scatter terrain for extra atmosphere!
The inhabitants of Homestead 23 are largely self sufficient, with astmospheric vaporators, a small holding and extensive fuel supplies.